Welcome to La Clase del Sr. Ojeda. 
In this page you will find many of my professional development offerings for Spanish teachers teaching all proficiency levels.

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Enhancing your AP Spanish Language instruction

In this course Diego Ojeda will share his non conventional approaches to teaching the AP Spanish Language and Culture class that have been successfully implemented in his instruction. 

This course will consist of pre-recorded modules that can be watched at any time, combined with a live interactive session where Diego will be giving feedback to all participants. 


This course is entirely presented in Spanish, that way teachers will feel more confident in their classroom when approaching specific AP topics.


AP Community building and classroom management.

Grammar in the AP class: 

Writing strategies

Listening strategies

The role of Comprehensible Input in the AP class

Who is this for?

This course is for any AP Spanish language and culture teacher looking for alternative approaches to motivate and excite their AP spanish language and culture students to keep learning and loving the Spanish language and its culture.